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San Mateo Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

Helping You When You Have Been Severely Injured by a Dog

In California, dog owners are considered to be responsible for their dogs' behavior. Because of this, if you or your child has been bitten and seriously hurt by a dog, you have the right to sue the dog owner for the cost of your injuries. Dog owners are supposed to be able to recognize the temperament of their pets and should know whether to keep them away from people if they have a history of violence toward humans.

If you have suffered a dog attack, The Law Offices of Vincent J. Scotto, III, can help. Our lawyers have handled dog bite cases, and we always investigate your case thoroughly in order to show negligence on the part of the dog's owner. Depending on the circumstances, there may be issues of premises liability, which we can also litigate. We know what to look for in these cases, and we will fight to bring your case to a successful resolution.

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Unfortunately, it is typically children who are mauled by dogs. Children under the age of five are considered to be incapable of negligence because they would not recognize when a dog was behaving aggressively. Because of their size, children end up being hurt far worse by a dog attack than adults do. This can cause serious scarring and trauma that may remain for life. The medical bills for reconstructive surgery may be very expensive as may be the therapy required for your child to get past the fear created by the event.

Larger dogs tend to be the perpetrators of these attacks, and many cities have ordnances against possessing them within city limits. Dogs that are usually targeted by these laws are:

  • Pit bulls
  • Mastiffs
  • Doberman Pinschers

Our San Mateo dog bite injury attorneys know these laws and know how to use them to your best advantage. Our lawyers will answer all of your questions, address your concerns and help you find the resources you need to recover from the attack.

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