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Why do rabbits bite?

With Easter approaching, if your kids are begging for their own bunny, remember that rabbits aren't a holiday toy. They're a pet and a long-term commitment. You may be caring for that rabbit long after your kids have left for (and maybe graduated from) college.

Whether you head down to the local animal shelter to adopt a rabbit or you or your kids are around a friend's or neighbor's bunny, it's important to remember that they can and do bite.

Parents keep setting a bad example for teen drivers

Laws will not stop teens from getting distracted while driving. They can cut back on it -- in theory, a teen who gets a citation for a dangerous driving behavior will refrain from doing it in the future -- but those teen drivers still have choices to make. They have to choose to be safe.

That starts at home, experts claim. Parents set examples that kids follow. Parents need that to be a good example, showing teens how to drive safely. If not, it puts everyone at risk.

Authorities investigating cause of wrong-way Highway 1 crash

Two people were killed in a crash during the pre-dawn hours of Saturday, Feb. 9, on Highway 1. The deadly crash occurred when a man who was reportedly driving a Prius southbound in the northbound lane of the highway in Pacifica ran head-on into a pickup truck.

Two people in the Prius, both passengers, were killed. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), only one of those passengers was wearing a seat belt.

Hurt while shopping? Seek compensation for your injuries

It isn't unusual while shopping for groceries to hear this over the intercom: "Clean up on Aisle 8!"

It is crucial that business owners quickly address spills or mark freshly mopped areas with "wet floor" signs. This is because of the danger that exists if someone should slip and fall on their premises.

Slow drivers are dangerous, too

Speeding drivers are definitely dangerous, and excessive speed factors into many car accidents every year. They make avoidable mistakes, they can't react quickly enough to things happening around them and they increase the likelihood of serious injuries in a crash.

But does that mean you should just slow way down to be safe? While driving the speed limit or slightly slower is a good idea, you do not want to drive far below it. Remember, slow drivers are dangerous, too.

Do child dog bite victims get post traumatic stress disorder?

A study conducted by Contemporary Pediatrics in 2011 revealed that as many as four million dog bites are reported each year in the United States. A significant number of the victims are kids. Researchers also found that while physical scars tend to heal, children who suffer dog bites often struggle with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), something that can affect their emotional, social and academic growth for a lifetime.

The researchers found that dog bite injuries -- specifically those that occurred at the shoulders or higher -- were particularly traumatic. They noted that a child having to endure an angry and vicious animal in their face was not an easily forgotten event. While they found that most adults began healing from such a traumatic event by sharing their experience with others, kids fail to do the same.

Car accident leads to ejection, death and 3 serious injuries

A serious car accident in California left one person dead and three more people with serious injuries. The person who passed away was actually thrown completely out of one of the vehicles.

The crash happened on Saturday, Dec. 15. It took place right around 11:00 p.m., according to reports, and it happened on Highway 101. It occurred in the northbound lanes.

Can I sue if I'm injured outside a premises?

If you are injured when you are inside a public premises, for example in a grocery store, movie theater or gym, it often comes as second nature to consider making a claim, especially if you believe that the premises was negligent. However, if you were injured when you stood in the immediate external vicinity of the premises, it is likely that you will not be sure whether you can hold the premises responsible.

If you are suffering as a result of what you would consider negligence on behalf of a property owner in the state of California, it is important that you understand your rights in regard to making a claim.

Steps can be taken by all motorists to reduce their injury risk

One of the reasons motorists are required to take both a written and physical driver's test is to make sure that they know the rules of the road well enough to avoid becoming involved in a crash and getting hurt. There are extenuating circumstances such as another motorist's poor driving that may make a collision inevitable. However, there are measures that a motorist can take to reduce the impact of a crash.

If you notice that a crash is about to occur, you shouldn't simply give up and allow it to happen without putting up a fight to avoid it. Instead, you'll want to remain focused and maintain control of your car as best you can. If you have any time to spare, then you may want to attempt an evasive maneuver to avoid the more serious of two outcomes.

Animal bite victims can die if they don't get medical help

According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, animal bites are a leading public health concern. They can cause a victim serious injuries, disfigurement and psychological trauma. If left untreated, an individual who is bitten may develop both bacterial and viral infections resulting in their death.

Some of the most common types of bite injuries that doctors are asked to assess in emergency rooms are abrasions, scratches and puncture wounds. In serious cases, patients may also present with broken bones. Children are particularly vulnerable to this. Another common reason bite victims seek medical attention is because of a fear that they may have rabies.

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