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Explaining premises liability and storm cleanup

Storms can roll through the San Mateo area without notice. They can bring with them heavy wind, downpours, lightning and leave behind quite a bit of damage. Many property owners often wonder how long they have to clean up their property following a storm. They worry for good reason too. They don't want you to get hurt from the hazards left by the storm if you stop by for a visit, causing a premises liability lawsuit.

No one expects a property owner to remove the hazards left behind by a storm as it happens. This would just be too dangerous for them and anyone else who decides to do it. Property owners are expected to remove the hazards within 24 hours of the storm coming to an end. This is a more reasonable expectation that allows property owners time to assess the damage and figure out what they need to do.

Loud music makes people worse drivers

Driving can get boring, and people will go to great lengths to ease that boredom. A lot of distracted driving accidents happen because someone is intentionally trying to take his or her mind off of driving -- perhaps by talking on the phone or sending a text -- even though that is exactly what causes car accidents.

Probably the most widely accepted distraction is simply turning up the music. Many people do not think it's dangerous at all. Most people do it. In fact, studies have found that around 90 percent of people listen to music while they drive. When is the last time you drove in silence? It's probably hard to come up with one.

Tracking your medical expenses following a car accident

Victims of car accidents can find themselves in an even worse situation if they fail to properly track all of their medical expenses related to the crash. If you've been involved in any type of car accident in San Mateo, California, you need to keep a good record of every penny spent to care for your injuries, even if they were as minor as some bumps and bruises.

If you are concerned you won't receive enough compensation for your injuries, you can have someone take pictures of you before medical treatment is administered. This can help show the seriousness of the injuries inflicted so that you receive compensation that can help you recover.

Signage about dangerous dogs may be a liability

Animals have an irreplaceable role by our sides. Domesticated pets are a big part of how young people learn to value life and adults' network of stress-relieving companions. So when poor training or an aggressive disposition make an animal dangerous to us, it is often unexpected and difficult to get past.

Dogs are the most popular pet animal in the United States, as well as California. The Golden State has specific laws regarding a person's responsibility for a pet dog, especially if breeding or experience has shown the dog is aggressive and dangerous to people.

California jury awards $16 million after slip and fall

It is rare that an accident has enough effect to create consequences that may govern the rest of our lives. However, from a cracked sidewalk in Los Angeles to a faulty highway guard rail in Siskiyou County, there are accidents waiting to happen that can cause serious injury or permanent disability.

California property owners and managers owe it to the public to keep public spaces clean, neat and free of obstacles that could cause problems to passersby. When they do not, the solution is often a lawsuit in civil court to claim the required damages for recovery.

Driver arrested for suspected DUI in San Mateo County

Safety on the road is never a given. Drivers must always take the time to survey the roads and areas around them for possible hazards that may cause collisions. Unfortunately, it often doesn't take a lot for a collision to cause injury, disability or even death.

One of the most important rules of the road is the one that bans driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Someone may cause severe damage to vehicles and bodies alike if driving at high speeds without proper control.

Dogs are popular pets but occasionally dangerous

California is the most populous state in the nation for humans and dogs alike. The huge majority of canine friends are safe around people, and bad experiences between people and dogs are very rare. This is partially why dogs are the most popular pet here.

Dogs are also, however, the most insured animal in the Golden State because it is still possible that one will attack someone in the home or a member of the community. A recent study found that attacks went up in the state and nation among the most common breeds of dogs involved in attacks against people.

Slip and fall in locker room derails tennis star's career

Tennis fans are acutely aware of the story of Eugenie Bouchard, a once rising star in the world of Women's Tennis until tragedy struck. Back in 2014, Bouchard was surging. She made numerous semi-finals at major tournaments, and even made the final at Wimbledon, arguably the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world.

Even though her success waned a bit in 2015, she was still a formidable opponent out on the court. But towards the end of the year, as she was leaving a tennis court during the US Open mixed doubles tournament, she entered the locker room and passed through the training room to get to the physiotherapist's area. It was during this trek that she slipped on a foreign substance.

Multiple cars involved in Caldecott Tunnel accident, 2 injured

The Caldecott Tunnel out in the east bay was the site of a bevy of motor vehicle accidents that left numerous people injured. The accident happened around 11 a.m. when a vehicle blew out a tire. It stopped in the right lane of the tunnel and put on its emergency flashers. After this occurred, numerous vehicles crashed into one another as they tried to avoid the stopped vehicle.

According to the source article, seven vehicles were involved in multiple wrecks in the wake of the vehicle stopping in the right lane. Additionally, two people suffered injuries in the crashes and required hospitalization. However, their conditions were not made clear and it is unknown what the extent of their injuries was.

2017 fatal dog bite data even worse than 2016

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about the number of fatal dog bite incidents that occurred in the United States in 2016. In that post, we remarked about the incredible prevalence of pit bulls in these fatalities, as 71 percent of the dog bite fatalities that happened in 2016 involved pit bulls. Well, the 2017 numbers are in, and they aren't any better.

According to data gathered by DogBites.org, 39 people died due to dog bites in the United States last year. The 2017 data is a steep increase over 2016, and the number of pit bulls that were involved in fatal dog bite incidents last year was 74 percent -- also more than in 2016.

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